Monday, October 1, 2012


I was exiled from my bed last night by a bear and a small cyclone after enduring hours of being roasted alive by them and listening to their snores. I fled to the couch a little before one in the morning. Today, after four hours of sleep, I feel like my brain is full of paint fumes, and I'm grouchy.

The days when everyone else in the family has slept well and feel full of cheer and energy are torture. Perkiness is a curse to those of us who have not slept. Logic has abandoned me.  Ask me to try to figure something out and I'll cry. All I can think about is sleep.

I think I'll take a nap, then I will plot my revenge. The bear will be easy. I will simply steal all the blankets tonight. It's his biggest nighttime fear. The cyclone is harder to get even with. He's deceptively cute when he sleeps. Stealing his blankets means he whimpers for Mommy. Keeping him awake at night causes crying (as much from me as from him). 

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