Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Samhain lessons and wishes

Last, Wednesday, Aiden was home from school with a high fever.  By noon, he was pretty bored and I was pretty tired of entertaining him.  Luckily, the email from Pooka Pages chimed in and saved me.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Lara Craig-Gaddis' Pooka Pages, they are an Sabbat based e-magazine for Pagan kids.  They have stories, lessons, coloring pages, recipes and crafts. Gavin has love them since we first found them about a year ago. Aiden wasn't terribly interested until Wednesday.

He was bored and tired and little cranky, so any distraction was welcomed by both of us.  When I opened the link on the computer, he came to watch; then, he demanded his copy.  As it printed, we looked for his Pooka Pages binder that I had saved his copies in. We punched holes in the sides, arranged the pages and packed it into the car to pick up Gavin. As we sat in the car, Aiden had his first lessons in the wheel of the year, and we read a great explanation of what Samhain is.

Aiden isn't as familiar with the idea of death as Gavin is; after all, Aiden was only eleven months old when our beloved black cat, Hellion, died, and 2 when Grandpa died.  He never met my grandmother who passed away this spring, so the concept was a little fuzzy.  Suddenly, things came into focus for him, and now he understands not only what the purpose of Samhain is, but why there are lots of ghosts at Halloween.  He's eager to make an ancestor tree and to send messages to his dead kitty and ancestors, and he's eager to learn more. He's excited to dress up and trick-or-treat and to do fun activities at school, and he's happy to send a little love to our departed dead.

As thrilled as I am that Aiden has finally grasped an idea Gavin and I had struggled to explain to him, it's times like this when I remember the difficulties of being a solitary Pagan witch.  There is no one but me available to explain certain concepts and I don't always have images and projects at hand that  will help my kids grasp complex ideas.  Thankfully, over the years since I first began exploring Paganism, more and more free and low cost resources have become available.  The internet makes it possible for people all over the world to share ideas, images, and experiences with like minded individuals.  It makes it possible for me to share my words with you and for you to respond, to engage, to encourage and to teach me from wherever you happen to be.  I think Samhain is also a time to look back at the work we each do from year to year, the progress we make as a community, and the historical changes that make it easy for us to interact with each other, though we may never meet each other face to face.

So, I wish you all a blessed, safe and wondrous Samhain.  If you are looking for messages from the Otherworlds, I hope you find them.  If you are lonely, I wish you companionship, and if understanding is what you needs, I hope it finds you in the most unexpected and magical way possible.  Happy Samhain!

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