Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nature's Trick-or-Treat

I think Mother Nature just played Trick-or-Treat with me.  I went outside before 7 a.m. to put out the recycling. The sky was royal blue, and the stars were still twinkling with brilliance. To the west, the full moon was bright white and peeking through the oak trees. No clouds in sight, no wind, no dampness, and the first light of the dawn was making it's appearance on the eastern horizon. The temperature was warm enough that I didn't need more than my light sweatshirt.  It was an amazing, beautiful sight. I blew kisses to the moon, prayed for those affected by Sandy, and went back inside to finish preparing for the day.

Forty minutes later, I was scratching my head. I ran out the door with both boys in tow after telling them all they needed was a sweatshirt, and suddenly, I found myself in a thick, cold, wet fog. Aiden started shivering. Gavin, who had argued that he needed his coat, glared at me, and I stood there befuddled. My pretty morning had been replaced by pea soup.  My car was covered in condensation.  Backing up was difficult due to the mist on the windows and the mist swirling around outside, and I ended up running back into the apartment for coats.  The drive to school was grey and hazy and damply cold.

I have been tricked by Mother Nature, and once the initial shock wore off, I had to laugh.  I couldn't have been fooled better.  She put on her costume of fog, and danced around town, laughing at our confusion. She was also reminding us that the best laid plans of humankind cannot and will not stop her will.  She's doing that a lot this week, as many people can tell you first hand.  

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