Thursday, October 25, 2012


Being my age, Homer Simpson's "D'oh!" is the default exclamation for any incredibly stupid thing I hear. My kids, being not of the Simpsons generation don't really get the significance of the sound, even if they fully grasp my meaning. Gavin gave me one of those moments the other day.

We had some spare time one morning before school, so I was letting Aiden pick a faery card for me to read for him. Gavin, of course had to have one, too. He chose a card, and I read the meaning to him. The card cautioned him to stop looking for trouble and encouraged practicing peace. It was actually stated in pretty clear terms, and I know Gavin understood. Twenty minutes later, he decided not to take the advice; he picked a fight with Aiden, then began arguing with me. All the peace of the morning was gone, and I was irritated.  After I left the kids at school, I had to laugh.  Some people just can't accept any advice, and my child is one of them.

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