Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weeds and red gummi bears

Parenthood is not all fun and games. There are many days when it very much feels like a never ending job.  Teaching children how to behave, how to take care of themselves, how to navigate the world is exhausting for everyone. It's easy to lose site of how much joy can be found in the task, too.

I needed a reminder of the little ways in which love can be shown. I know that as  parent, I show my children love through a myriad of small gestures like silly little games, teaching thwm new things, listening when they tell me about their invemtions. The kids, though, are way more creative and sweet.

I heard Gavin and Aiden talking about the treats Daddy had bought them to eat while we watched a movie. Aiden had gummi bears, and Gavin had gummi worms. Gavin told Aiden that I like red gummi bears the best, and came to me to confirm. A while later, Aiden walked up to me with his little hands full of red gummi bears. He had been sitting and sorting out all the red ones to give to me, and I almost cried. Gavin, leaning around to wink at me, smiled before offering Aiden one of his worms.

It got me thinking about nonverbal ways of showing affection. There's the good old-fashioned flowers- my kids bring me vinca and clover, my husband likes to gift me with pots of minature roses. Other people, it's the hugs they always have handy or the way they're always cheering you on.  Love comes in many forms and is shown through many ways. Take a minute to think about the love you receive and the love you give, and know that it gives you strength, warms your heart, and makes life bearable.

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