Thursday, September 6, 2012

Veins, arteries and the whole organism

At 8:20 a.m., a police officer was shot on the freeway near my home.  He is not expected to live, and the shooter has already died.  The incident shut down all freeway traffic, in both directions for hours, causing the normal flow of traffic through Walnut Creek to stop.  One person's action literally brought a three cities and huge swaths of the Bay Area to a halt.

Our communities are like organs.  The roads, bridges, rails, and pipes connecting them are like the arteries and veins.  Severe one and the others overfill, pressurized, until bursting. There are also the connections between individuals, organizations, and communities that are less tangible, much like the relationship between neurons.  They are definitely there, they can be measured, but they can't be seen. When a tragedy strikes, the effects are widespread, unpredictable, and sometimes devastating.

It's time for all of us to start learning about and appreciating the way in which we are all connected.  Getting to know our neighbors, getting involved, and having compassion for those around us will really make the world a better place, and when bad things happen, as they will from time to time, we can all help to heal and rebuild, because no one is unattached to the organism.


  1. This is SO true. Most get so trapped up in their little space that they dont realize this. Care and compassion for everything around is equal to ourelves.

  2. I heard about this incident - so tragic. :(


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