Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The magic of a bath

Often, the simplest things are the most magical. This makes the magic easy to forget. As I look for the things in life that make me feel more myself, I'm finding magic and beauty in many places.

I find that taking a bath is very magical. All the elements come together when I can take a bath for no reason other than to relax. The firm, eathy strength of the tub below me, the cool swirl of air around me, the sound and feel of water running over my skin and the warmth the fire gave to the water combine to make magic. Everytime I get the oppurtunity to take a bath in solitude and quiet and soft light, I feel lighter, happier, and filled with calmness.

All around us exists magic. Simple tasks, done with gratitude and an open heart can help us connect with it. Appreciating how the elements come together in our everyday world is a way of being part of that magic.

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