Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mean people suck

Lately, I have been considering hiding in bed. People around here have been extraordinarily rude.  I think there might be a turn signal boycott going on in Walnut Creek, and I've witnessed adults behaving in ways that would be unacceptable in toddlers.  Rudeness is a disease that causes a lot of suffering, and I've been showing symptoms.

Manners matter, and I think many of us, myself included, forget this.  The world can seem very hostile and nasty when we're all busy looking out for number 1.  I'm trying to be more conscious of my behavior.  Saying "please" and "thank you", holding doors for people, waiting patiently, and smiling at people are all simple ways to show better manners.  When I run into the school office to check for PTA mail, I ask the secretaries how they are.  I've learned the names of the people who usually help me at the grocery store, and I'm trying not to be an angry, impatient driver.  

In the past, we were judged a great deal by our manners.  As society has changed, the rules of behavior became looser.  I'm thinking that things have become a bit too loose, and now, it's time to retrain ourselves to be polite and courteous.  


  1. Oh I totally agree!! I talk about this subject a lot. I feel we wouldn't need some of our "social programs" if we all looked after each other like people used to do. But even on a simpler, everyday level most of us behave so badly. I moved to a very small town about a year ago and since then I have begun to be much more friendly - simply because every else is! Now rudeness does not go unnoticed as it is not the norm. But we get a lot of people visiting from other parts of the country/world here in the summer and their bad behavior is quite noticeable, and is frowned upon. I think there has to be more social pressure to be kind and less tolerance of rudeness. Then we won't need laws to guard against things like harassment or road rage.

  2. I wish people would remember that it takes more emotional strength to be polite than to give into negativity. Manners are simply a tool to help a society operate more smoothly.


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