Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heart stopping

Have you ever seen an accident happening? If so, you are familiar with that moment where everything slows down and details jump out oddly. You know the helplessness and the pounding pulse as you react. I had one of those moments tonight.

I had lit a candle to counteract the stink of little boy feet in the hall. I've had a migraine all day and smells are incredibly strong and offensive. The candle was set on a high cabinet, which should have been safely out of the way. Gavin grabbed the candle and asked if he could blow it out. As I was telling him to leave it alone, Aiden jumped up and ran to it yelling that he wanted to blow it out. Gavin had shifted it just enough that Aiden could reach it. Since it was over his head, he couldn't see the couple ounces of melted wax inside and tipped the candle as he pulled it down. Wax went everywhere, but mostly down Aiden's arm and leg. He ran, screaming, and Gavin went in the opposite direction. After 20 minutes of cool water and gently rubbing the cooled wax off, both boys are alright. Aiden's arm is developing a welt and may blister slightly, but he's not as badly hurt as I'd feared. Gavin has one spot that aches. Both boys realize that they shouldn't have touched the candle.

Me, I'm shaking. This could have been so much worse. If the candle hadn't been one I made, we'd likely be at the hospital. Fortunately, it was a low melt point vegetable wax. It melts at only 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If Aiden grabbed with his left hand, he'd likely have burned his face. If Gavin had been quicker to grab the candle, he could have burned his entire hand. As I look at the wax on the carpet, which will take hours to remove, I'm feeling pretty grateful. My head is still pounding, my chest us still tight, and my throat soar from yelling, but they're okay. I'm still going to cry, though. It helps wash away the fear.

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