Monday, September 17, 2012


I think that one day, people will look back at this time and call it the Age of Disposability. We have disposable everything- diapers (in child and adult sizes), sanitary products, paper towels, razors, thermometers, cookware, utensils, tools, clothing, electronics. I think the idea of disposable has made us sick.

Disposable also equates to not valuable. There seems to be a general sense that only valuable items are worth fixing and everything else should head to the dump.  Sadly, this is become a prevalent attitude about people, too.  Poor people, gay people, people of color, unskilled laborers, laborers with out fancy degrees and titles all are being treated like trash.

Sadly, those people who think that anyone can be disposed of in favor of a temporary profit are winning their campaign to control things.  They are demonizing anyone they see as lacking value, and that is sad, sad news for humankind. 

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  1. Sometimes I'm glad my grandmother came up in the Depression years, and that my family is pretty much chronically broke. It's taught me a million ways to use so many things before declaring them 'trash', to not take little things for granted. The downside is not being able to part with stuff, but maybe that gets easier with time...


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