Thursday, September 20, 2012

An observation from my husband

Tuesday night, I was in rare form.  I had been at a PTA meeting that ran over by 40 minutes; I was sick, and it was after 10 p.m..  I was also being a brat. My husband was, in typical fashion, being pretty tolerant of my bad behavior. He was letting me steal his warmth, and he was listening to me ramble on about an odd assortment of things.

One of these things, was Aiden's exclamation the other day that I need a "princess hat" (a tiara, in Aiden's mind, not the conical veiled ones that Colin thinks of).  I am perfectly fine with this idea.  Colin, however, refuses to buy me a tiara, in spite of years of me wanting one to wear around the house.  Last night, he observed, with no small amount of irritation, that there isn't a lot of difference between witches' hats and princess hats. Then he noticed that I was very amused by this observation and huffed at me.

I am perfectly accepting of both my princess self and my witchy one.  Depending on my mood, I can be a royal pain (pun intended), mystifying terror, a wise healer/gardener/sorceress, or I can be queen of this tiny castle who distributes justice, runs the show, and mothers the kingdom.  There is fun to be had as a princess spoiled by her family and as the kitchen witch making magic in the kitchen. It's even more fun now that my husband has pointed out how alike these personas are. It's even better that those closest to me accept that the princess and the witch coexist in me and make me who I am.

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