Sunday, August 5, 2012


Thursday evening, I was planning my Friday. A little housework, maybe a trip to the store, read, write a couple of blog posts were all on the agenda. Then my husband came home early from his second job and casually started cleaning our disaster area, which is strange behavior for someone who worked 13 hours. The only explanation he offered was that we needed to make space for my birthday surprise. After that, we sat down to watch tv, which confused me. Things got weirder then; his phone chimed in with a text message and we walked out the door. Several minutes later, he walked in with my favorite partner in witchiness, my sort of cousin, Heather.

Heather and I have known each other since I was 8. Our moms are best friends (although we are losing her mother to Alzheimer's) and 8 years ago, my mom married Heather's uncle. She drove up from Burbank to have my husband fix her car and to watch Aiden while my husband and I took some time for ourselves. This weekend has been a wonderful adventure thanks to my husband and Heather.

Heather and I stayed up talking all night Thursday and Friday. Saturday, we bought tires for her car and provided entertainment for the other customers while we were at it, and teased the cute "tire boy", Josh before we loaded four tires into my Jaguar sedan. Then we spent time teasing my husband's friend/second boss about bikini models in repair shops (poor guy never knows what to do with us and our senses of humor). We topped it off with a makeover for me, which turned into its very own comedy show (I'm saving the story for tomorrow).

After all the excitement of Heather and I being ourselves in public, a very loud and weird event, Colin, my wonderful husband tooking me away for the night. We got a deal on an extremely nice hotel room a few towns away, went to dinner and soaked in the jacuzzi, before falling face first into bed and sleeping without the children being anywhere near.

So, after all these wonderful surprises and entertaining adventures, I feel very silly for being so upset about my birthday. When you're busy alternating between stoism and dispair, it's easy to miss the fun of things. It's also easy to forget how much you love people when seperated by a lack of time or great distance. Most of all, this weekend reminds me that we are all characters, of course some of us aren't as entertaining as others, and thank all the gods for that.

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