Friday, August 31, 2012

Mother Nature's messages

People have long looked to nature to divine the future. There are many omens that people see in nature that portend a cold winter, drought, earthquakes, or other events. Around here, Mother Nature is sending some very unusual signals.

The trees have begun to change their colors, which typically happens in October. It started happening in July. Our temperatures are swinging from hot afternoons to frost on the windows in the morning. The squirrels are frantic in their food gathering efforts, allowing humans to come unusually close to them. I've seen geese already migrating. I've seen two weird things this week that have be concerned. A tulip (or magnolia, depending on who you talk to) tree that I walk past everyday for the last four years, is in bud. The fruit is still hanging, as are the leaves, but the fuzzy grey blossom coats are growing now, too. These trees are one of the most beautiful parts of February and March, not September. Alone, the tulip trees would be odd, but when coupled with the spring bulbs that are sprouting among the bold pink lilies of fall.

I feel that Mother Nature is sending a warning, but I'm not sure people are getting it. Are we being warned about global warming? Or is this a signal of something unusual, but not unheard of?  Or is this all just a moment of artistic expression?

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