Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of school

Today was the first day of school.  Gavin is now a fourth grader, and Aiden started kindergarten.  We all walked Aiden to his class, then Gavin headed out to the play ground while we got Aiden settled, kissed him good-bye and left.  Then we hunted down the surly 9 year old to say good-bye and good luck.  Colin spent the entire time harassing me, asking of I was going to cry (only a little, not enough to make mascara run).

Breakfast without the boys was strangely quiet and relaxing.  The Social Security office (somebody's got lost during our last move) was less stressful than it would have been with kids, and shopping didn't end with threats.  It was all a bit surreal.

Aiden was brilliantly happy when we picked him up.  He had a great day, and I am thinking that he will love school.  Gavin is still in class ( I think he'll like his new teacher, all the parents whose children had her last year as anew hire, love her).

As scary as Aiden's first day could have been, especially considering the school transfer drama, we're feeling pretty good about all of this. He's happy. Gavin is excited that he may see Aiden during the day (4th and 5th graders do "big buddy" projects with the kinders).  Colin, I think, was simply pleased to have part of a day off. I'll be volunteering a couple of hours a week in Aiden's class room; P.T.A. means I'll know most stuff ahead of time, and I may have a big new project in the works that benefits the school community at large. 

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