Friday, August 17, 2012

Update: Disaster! (Yes, I'm overreacting)

Wooh hoo!  The principal from our preferred school just called.  Aiden is in!  Thanks for all the good energy and support! Aiden and Gavin are incredible happy (we did the celebration dance).

Wednesday I got the call of DOOM.  Less than 24 hours before I was scheduled to volunteer at the kids' school for Back to School Days (where we deal with all the registration details and the PTA begs for money), the principal of another school here in town called to inform me that Aiden is being sent to a different school than his brother.  Five days before school starts!  Months after I got an intradistrict transfer so that both kids could go!  After I agreed to serve on the PTA board at one school! After I paid for his yearbook and other stuff!

I am on the warpath.  I have a problem with the principal of the new school (knowing that she allowed her staff to ignore a child as a troublemaker when in reality he was autistic and from a different country will do that, especially if you know the family personally).  I have a problem with how all of this has been handled (all verbally and not by the school district), and how late this notice came in.  That's not to mention that both schools start at the same time and I haven't figured out how to create a doppelganger. Aiden's school, while 0.2 miles closer, takes longer to get to, and I will be doubling my gas usage, so this suddenly becomes a tax on me for not owning a home.  My kids are upset. My husband and I are furious, and everyone I talked to is shocked at how this is going down.  Had we known this was likely to happen (nobody told be until Wednesday that the transfer was provisional), we would have moved out to Martinez where we're trying to buy a house and where rent is a couple hundred dollars a month cheaper.

To make all of this more galling, Aiden is now refusing to go to school.  His new school is too big, too scary, and without his big brother.  Way to go WCSD, you may have started a life long disdain for education!  Fingers crossed, this will be taken care of to our satisfaction, but the anger and choking feeling of disrespect that my family (and the other family who finds themselves in the same boat) feel will linger on.  If cities want to survive as communities, not just legal constructs, they need to start with making children feel welcome and like they matter.

Thanks for hanging on through my rant.  Now that it's sort of out of my system, I should be able to function without screaming or crying.


  1. That sucks! I hope something can be done to change the situation.:-(

  2. Congratulations (the update, that is )!

  3. I'm glad everything worked out! <3 Otherwise, what a nightmare. Oy. x.x


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