Friday, August 17, 2012

Can you lend a hand?

My husband works in downtown San Francisco between Civic Center and the Tenderloin. Homelessness is something he sees daily. Friday night, after staying late at work to fix my car, he saw a homeless woman with a sign that said she's four and a half months pregnant. We'd been chatting over the phone while he drove, and he told me he was going to turn around and buy her dinner.

He took her the Burger King at Van Ness and Eddy and bought her (and her husband, though he wasn't there) dinner. He sat with and coaxed some of her story out of her. The couple is recently homeless. Her husband has a part time job, and she's going to be placed in a shelter. A good run of bad luck has left them without a home. 

We're not sure how we can help them other than to ask the people we know and interact with to help them by buying copies of the e-books the husband, Benson Phillip Lott wrote. It seems like so little, and like it won't do much for them, but half of each sale will go to this family. My husband will keep an eye for this woman, and do what he can for her, but it seems so insignificant. It breaks my heart that the so many people are hurting in this economy, and my family tries to do what we can to help people, but we're only us. I'm hoping that by spreading this story, maybe a little more can be done.

Here's a link to his books on Amazon: Benson Phillip Lott.


  1. What a husband you have. I can't imagine being pregnant and homeless. Would they accept money? I'd donate to that, and then they wouldn't get only half.

    1. We're not sure Colin will be able to find them again. He plans to keep an eye out. We're also keeping an ear for jobs, too. :(

  2. Your husband is amazing. I'll forward the Amazon link around.


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