Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buttercup's birthday

Aiden is five today. My blond bundle of mischief and curiosity isn't a baby anymore. Five years ago, he made his sudden appearance into the world at three a.m., and we haven't been the same since. He makes us think. He makes us crazy, and his wicked pixie laugh often accompanies the most interesting life lessons. Aiden's flair for drama and sense of humor make everyday life sometimes seem like a comedy waiting for a stage.

After weeks of inactive labor and a couple of false alarms, Aiden arrived in my best time yet, one hour and forty-six minutes of active labor.  Exhausted and elated, we slept for a few hours before it was time to introduce Aiden to his big brother. Gavin was so in love with Aiden that is was magical.

Now five years gone, Aiden likes to wear the same shirt Gavin is wearing in that picture, though he likes his hair longer.  They still cuddle up together occasionally and bickering is a regular occurrence as these two hard headed little men struggle to have their way. They are so alike and so different that it is funny. Today, Gavin is still far away in North Carolina, and Aiden will be celebrating without his brother. As a sign of his maturity, he has elected to wait a few days for a party so that Gavin can be with him, and I couldn't be prouder.  Happy Birthday, Buttercup!

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