Thursday, July 5, 2012

Knowing vs., well, knowing

I know a lot of stuff; so much that my ex-stepbrother nicknamed me the "Fountain of Useless Knowledge". I can't really help the fact that my mental file system is a tad ore organized than some people.  That's one type of knowledge. The other sort of knowing is a very different beast.

Sometimes, I know stuff that I can't really account for.  Like that the woman asking for a spell at the local metaphysical store doesn't need a love spell, she needs to simply ask the guy to go with her when she moves rather than trying to get him to ask her for an invitation. Often, I know that there is more to a story than what I'm being informed of; my mom does this a lot.  Eventually, she'll tell me, but I typically wait for her to volunteer the information rather than prying.  I also pick up the phone to call people only to have it ring, with that person on the other end.

With all of these examples of how often and accurately my intuition works, you might be surprised that I am resisting all the urges and signs and hints from the Universe (and my especially noisy and nosy household faeries) to start reading faery cards for other people.  I am deeply terrified of trying; just as I am deeply drawn to it.  For years, I was told to just do it, and yet, I still can't bring myself to try.

Laughing at myself has come much easier over the years I've been writing this blog.  I find my fear of what I know terribly amusing and annoying.  I often encourage others to listen to their intuition, and I even listen to my own most of the time, but this, this has me sweating and twitching every time I think about it. So what do you think? Should I go for it, or should I wait until I develop some confidence?  Or, is this a big cosmic joke, and the answer will appear the second I stop agonizing over my decision?

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