Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yellow bellied cowards of the worst kind

I believe that our elected officials should have the courage to face the people whose lives they make decisions about.  I also think they shouldn't hide behind emotionally charged buzz words like "terrorism" and "child pornography" to silence dissenting voices.  Yesterday, I read a news article that really, really made me mad because not only did a witness find some of her evidence against mountain top removal mining silenced, she's also been accused of child pornography by a GOP staffer. Here's the link to the article about the incident:ThinkProgress and here is a link to the photo in question: Girl bathing in polluted water.

First off, pornography is created, distributed and consumed because of it's sexual nature. If it lacks an explicitly and intentional sexuality, it's not pornography.  Second, nudity is not automatically sexual; it never has been.  Third, child pornography accusations are used sometimes as weapons to silence people. Fourth, baths aren't about sex, they are an everyday part of our lives.

The photograph in question here is not about sex. It's about the everyday reality of being forced to bath in polluted water the color of strong tea because of pollution.  It's about children absorbing toxins that are present because of greed and a lack of responsibility toward the people and environment of a place through their skin. It's about voices not heard because of expensive lobby groups who throw money at our elected officials to pave the way for more pollution.

This story is also very tied to the intimidation and harassment of the people who speak out against wrong doing.  The woman here is under investigation for child pornography now that some "helpful" GOP staffer who reported her to the police.  It's a case of intimidation, and it's ugly.  The Congressperson won't even look at the picture, which begs several questions.  My first is "Do you know the difference between pornography, art, and documentation?"  The second is an implied "Do you like kids in this way?"  The third question is "Why aren't you man enough to look and make a decision yourself?  Could it be because you'd feel guilty?" I'm tired of cowardly elected officials who won't face the people they harm.  It's time for change; it's time for us to elect people who really have the courage of their convictions,  who will actually listen to their constituents and who won't take sides with an industry in exchange for campaign contributions.


  1. Amen sister!! The whole damn thing is not only ridiculous it's disgusting that they can get away with that shit! FIGHT THE POWER!! Lol

  2. This is what I despise about the Republi-goons. Again and again, GOP politicians demonstrate they are incapable of using the higher brain. They always hit below the belt using the lizard/limbic brain.

    They're incapable of compassion, higher reasoning, and nuanced thinking and feeling. Where you see a picture detailing the abuse of the environment and the people who live there, a Republi-goon sees something scary--and someone must be punished for threatening the fragile worldview of the Republi-goon.

    Because that's their problem: they're fragile and live from fear. Everything becomes a form of pornography to them. And unfortunately FOX news has made a fortune appealing and further brainwashing the frightened.


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