Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magical happenings- a message from Grandma

My friend called me yesterday after she went home to tell me about some amazing things that were happening. The night before, when she was upset and staying at my house, I did a card reading for her using both of Brian Froud's Faery oracles.  From both decks, she managed to draw the blank cards that symbolize our own power and ability to make the reality we want. We laughed over at the time, and then we went to bed.

She had arrived home yesterday to find her husband waiting to take her to lunch to talk.  They agreed to try marriage counselling. He admitted that he had made mistakes in their relationship and that he wanted things to be better, not just for their kids, but for them. She was pretty shocked at the turn of events, and cautiously  pleased, but what happened next really was magical.

 If that wasn't astounding enough for her, she stepped into the bathroom to find that her mom had hung a scarf over the window so that the neighbors couldn't see into the shower (the neighbor's new deck is positioned perfectly to look into my friend's shower we've discovered, oops).  The scarf had belonged to my friend's late grandmother who passed away just as she found out that she was pregnant the first time. Moments before the woman passed away, her grandmother had called and told her that everything would be fine if her and her mom stuck together and took care of each other. After the funeral, this scarf had traveled here from Peru, but rarely been worn and never studied. Sitting on the toilet lid after her shower, my friend noticed something odd: the manufacturer tag was still attached (her mom always cuts them off because they make her itch). The name on the tag was name of my friend's daughter, spelled the European way, not the way it would be spelled in Peru. Flipping the tag over, she found the designer's name to be the same as her son's spelled the same way (again, his name is spelled differently in Peru than it is here or in Italy).

Laughing, we talked about how between the faeries, the archangels (her mother had been praying and petitioning for help), and grandma, she's very much being watched over and protected.  Magic happened and possibilities opened up the very minute she accepted that she could choose to let everything that was happening scar her permanently, or she could choose to be open to possibilities. Last night, magic stepped in again when the therapist we had hunted down online and who gave us both really good vibes, was able to meet my friend and her husband due to a last minute cancellation. whatever happens next, she'll never doubt that she's loved by both people and Otherworldly beings.

If you are in need of a little magic, start by asking whatever Otherworldly beings you feel for a sign that they're around.  It might be subtle, like a faint new scent on the wind or a plant that blooms suddenly over the next few days. It could be something flagrantly magical, too, like my friend received.  Once you have your sign, offer some gratitude, express your willingness to be guided, and begin looking ahead to a new and better future.

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