Saturday, June 16, 2012

The King of Cups- a lesson

My favorite tarot deck, the one I bought last year for my birthday in Colorado, had been missing since September.  It was packed away, early on in our moving process by my husband, and it wasn't until a month ago that it turned up in box full of odds and ends.  I was overjoyed and intended to sit down with the cards that evening. Life, of course, has a way of laughing at our plans.  Weeks went by and the cards sat patiently on my desk.

I finally sat down to use my cards today.  I know for some people, they never read their own cards because it doesn't work for them.  For me, they send perfectly clear messages, frequently that I don't care to hear.  The first card I dealt out in my reading was the King of Cups, and he taught me an unexpected lesson that had little to do with the reading.

In the Shadowscapes Tarot, the suit of Cups is full of underwater imagery and merfolk. The soft watercolor blues, greens and golds reinforce the connection to water. The King of Cups holds an enormous cup upward.  My first impression of the card was that he looked like he was waiting for rain.  As a child of the desert, I know that waiting for rain is a fruitless task, a fool's errand.  I was already concerned that this reading would not have a good ending, but I dealt the rest of the cards and looked at the patterns.  Some cards, I know well, and can interpret them without consulting the book.  Others, always manage to defy my understanding.  I looked up the interpretation of the King of Cups, and was surprised.  While my interpretation of his posture could be construed as correct, it was also hopelessly one sided and jaded.  Waiting for something to fall from the sky looks very much the same as offering something.  And both acts require incredible patience, a point that I had missed.

So I take away from this experience a reminder that things are not always what they seem and that I must possess patience and a mind open to possibilities in order to really see what's going on around me.  My experiences prepare me to see the world through a certain lens, but I have the choice to look at everything from a different perspective. My vision is not infallible, nor is my intuition, but I can always look twice before I make an interpretation.

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