Thursday, June 14, 2012

I HATE Zombies!

I hate zombies!  The only zombie movie I ever liked was Shaun of the Dead, and that had more to do with how goofy it was and how my son would cuddle up with Daddy to watch it.  Funny that at 9, he won't watch anything like it. Anyhow, all the zombie Apocalypse stuff in the media is really unsettling to me.

Zombies are every where.  There are stupid movies like Zombie Strippers, which was so bad, my husband who loves B-movies couldn't finish it, and TV shows that glorify violence.  I can't stand those stupid "Find Your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team" memes either, and worst of all, I can't stand seeing zombies in the news.  It's bad enough that a drug addicted person decided to eat another human being, but why does the media have to demean that death by calling it a zombie attack?  Cannibal attack, yes; zombie attack, no.  The CDC has even got into the act.  It annoys the hell out of me and makes me think that human kind may be doomed to extinction via stupidity.

My problem with the whole zombie loving bit going on right now is this: it seems to be encouraging a certain level of hysteria; it encourages desecration of the dead, and it glorifies violence in extreme fashion.

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