Friday, June 29, 2012

Halley's Comet and Horses

In 1986, the world was abuzz with the news that Halley's Comet would again make it's appearance. I was seven years old, and I tried so hard to see it. We lived outside of Carson City, Nevada then, in a place called Mound House.

The two most notable things about Mound House, at the time, were it's proximity to the Virginia City turnoff and the Moonlight Bunny Ranch (which does not have bunnies, but does have Bunnies, if you get my drift).  Other that, there wasn't much else out there.  Our mobile home sat well away from everything else.

The morning I got up before the sunrise to try see the comet, I discovered something else.   In those quiet predawn hours, the local herd of wild horses came down from the hills to drink from my little, blue kiddie pool.  As a little girl, I loved the stars and horses pretty equally, so this discovery was the most special thing I had ever seen.  Against the fading indigo of a desert night, with a few stars still visible and the sun lighting up the eastern horizon, was the herd.

It's one of those early life lessons that stuck with me, sometimes, when you are looking for one thing, you find something else that is just as amazing and important.  When I think about wild mustangs, I don't see them running among the sage in a cloud of dust, I see huge, careful, silent animals at dawn, doing what they had to survive.  I hear the sound of hoofs on sand, and remember that even among wildness, there is calm. I never did see that comet, but maybe that should just be incentive to live long enough to see it next time.

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