Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

My husband, was gone most of the week.  He had mandatory training in Southern California, so from Wednesday morning when he left for work until Saturday morning, we haven't seen him.  It's times like these when I realize how much he does here.

When he comes home from work each night, I get to cut my parenting duties in half.  The kids stop climbing me and bug him instead.  He's also the only person I talk to many days.  He's the warmth on the other side of the bed while I sleep, and he's the slayer of bad dreams fro the kids.  He's that deep voice that somehow manages to stop the kids' mischief, and the guy who watches bad sci fi and car documentaries with the kids. He's the bread winner and chief trouble maker, and he loves us all terribly.

The dads who stay and work their butts off to raise their children to be good people with a sense of responsibility and integrity deserve medals, every bit as much as the moms who do, but since the world doesn't recognize the intangible value of these people, it's up to us, to let them know how much they are appreciated.  Happy Father's Day!

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