Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Challenging myself

I've taken part in a few blog challenges in the last year, and I started my Faery Godmother Project, but I haven't really ever issued a challenge.  I'm not today either.  I'm going to invite you to join me as I challenge myself.

I have been yearning for something, and I keep trying to fill the emptiness with unrelated things and ideas.  Of course, this doesn't work.  All the food in the world will never fill a soul.  All the things that money can buy can't satisfy a thirst for something untouchable. Sleeping for hours will not cure an exhaustion born of frustration and sorrow and boredom caused by self limitations.  I know this in my heart, and in my mind, but I ignore it hoping for an easier answer, a path that requires less daring; I will not be satisfied if I don't step outside of my cocoon.

My challenge to myself is very simple.  For the next thirty days, I will spend half an hour each day on spiritual things.  Meditation, reading, connecting with the world around me, creating, and simply being are all good places to start. Coloring mandalas, journaling, spells, tarot readings, yoga and tai chi may be other tasks to try. If you play an instrument or write poetry, those may be the things you need.

Think of this as gardening within your soul.  Prepare the soil, plant the seeds, tend them carefully, and see what blooms.  For me, I have left my garden only partially tended and now, my seedlings are withering.  Some nourishment and attention, and I think they will be strong and fruitful.  If you decided to join me on this challenge, I'd love to hear from you an know how things go.  You can contact me at the email address on my "About" page or leave a comment here.  Blessings and good luck!

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