Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beltane to Litha

Astronomically, and astrologically, these last few weeks have been eventful.  Here in my part of California, we've chased the Super moon (Apogee), watched the most complete solar eclipse I've had the opportunity to see, slept under a partial lunar eclipse, and watched Venus's transit across the Sun. Not surprisingly, things here on Earth have been a bit wild.

For me, I have this feeling that the craziness that has marked the last six months is winding down.  Relationships that are currently strained will either bloom into something wonderfully new, or they will end completely.  All the stagnant situations we find ourselves in end will be resolved, one way or the other, soon.  I don't have any concrete evidence for how I feel, but I see the dormant trees I walk past every day, that I thought had died, are suddenly growing leaves. Eggs are hatching, and I see signs of change, big and small, everywhere I look. Relationships between ideas and people seem to be making more sense, and things that have been hidden from the public eye are out in the open.

I'm looking forward to the summer solstice, when I think things will start to really show progress.  The days will again begin growing shorter, harvests will start coming in, and a new season will literally begin.  I think I might celebrate with a party to welcome new and beautiful energies.  

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  1. You aint kidding, things have been crazy the past few months, it's a real adventure! Thank you for sharing your thoughts )O(


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