Thursday, May 31, 2012

When I die

Death & Grim Reaper Comments
~Magickal Graphics

Maybe it's morbid to think about what I'll leave behind when I die, then again, I've spent a lot of time studying people and things that were once alive.  I don't know how or when I'll go.  I don't know for certain what will happen.  These are things I can't control, and I won't waste energy fighting with these ideas.  

When I die, I want to have done something that leave a positive mark on the world.  I'm not concerned with my grave marker or my remains.  I'm concerned with leaving a piece of me behind that reflects my hopes and ideals. I want to be remembered by my children as a human being, not an idea.  I want my descendants, for a time at least, to understand that I did what I thought best with the hand life dealt me.  I want them to understand that I stood up for what I believed in, even if it was only in a limited fashion.  I want to have left them with some of the lessons I learned and a sense of hope and responsibility towards the earth and towards humankind.

I'm not obsessed with leaving a physical presence when I die; I simply don't want to be forgotten or lost.  Maybe it's a bit selfish to want to not be forgotten, but my life has shown me that the past can really live on, but that it is always at risk of being perverted into something it was never meant to be.  

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