Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012's overwhelming energy

This is one of those posts where I sat down, with the intention of writing one thing, and ended up with something unexpected. If you could see my draft box, there are at least half a dozen posts started on this subject.  Looking at my published posts, I think there may be that many, but it's a subject I can't ignore.

Do you ever wake up in the morning tingling with awareness?  Fingers sensing every tiny change in the textures, temperatures and intensity of everything around you? Maybe you simply know that things are happening.  Maybe your mind buzzes with thoughts and emotions that are too intense and mercurial to really analyze. Do you ever feel anxious for no reason, like a soda that's been shaken and ready to burst?  Do you bounce between depression and elation? Is your life filled with odd accidents, broken objects and a mysterious sense that everything is not quite right?

Since November, this has been my life. I'm waiting, for what, I have no idea, but I know that something is trying to get my attention. I think this something is trying to get everyone's attention. It's got our awareness, but we don't know how to see it. I'm not the only one.  Several other blogs I read have mentioned this. Spiritual friends of differing walks of life and different religious backgrounds feel a sea change. There are many people writing about the tumultuous and strained energy of this time period; some speak of it in terms of spirituality, others in terms of ecology, and others still see this restlessness as the reason for all the human strife that one can see.  Mercury retrogrades, eclipses, and super moons get lip service as the causes, but once these events end, we're still left waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Aine, at Deepest Well, wrote Saturday about broken glasses and strange accidents.    Inelia Benz has repeated discussed this on her site, Ascension 101. Other blogs and articles speak about unease, depression, and changes in their environments.  My mom thinks something is going on, and even my earthbound, non-believing husband is scenting a change.

In our personal lives, we may see different manifestations of this changing energy. A good friend, has had illness after illness this year, as have the rest of her family. Other friends, and myself, have had unexpected deaths and disasters in our families.  Bizarre injuries and pains that doctors can't understand are another symptom.  For the first time in years, I am really clumsy, causing me to add a few more scars to my collection. Sleep is difficult: on one hand, I can't get to sleep, and once there, my dreams are unusually vivid and chaotic. When I wake in the morning, it's hard to face the day.  Earthquakes, unusual weather patterns, plants that aren't blooming when they should, and animals acting strangely are all adding to my unease.

There have been some wonderful things, too.  It's always a little startling, but lots of fun, to be working on a blog post, and wake up the next morning to find three others on the subject appearing.  Or how about phone calls from friends you were just thinking about calling? Or the people who rush to the aid and support of someone who is just hanging on?  That's happened several times this year. I've started thinking about closing this page down, and then a new reader appears or somebody leaves a wonderful comment about how I've touched their lives.  This year has a also been interesting in that karma has stepped in and meted out a wonderfully appropriate justice to someone who has been causing problems for others (yes, I know I shouldn't laugh, but sometimes, karma proves that it not only balances all accounts, but that it has a sense of humor).

 Maybe, for those of us who are feeling this overwhelming and uncomfortable excess of energy, it's time to be proactive, rather than reactive. We need to examine the fears we feel, and make sure that they are justified (and our own).  We need to pick apart our anger to really understand what we are angry about so that we can work on letting it go and changing what makes us mad.  Sorrow is a natural part of any loss, so if you've lost a friend, family member, pet, or ended a chapter of your life, it's time to grieve, to let tears wash away sorrow, so that you can start fresh. Once these negative emotions are processed and understood, I think we'll all be in a better position to understand what happens next and to embrace the changes coming.

This time of upheaval is also a time to reflect on our deepest hopes for ourselves, our families, and the world.  Meditate, daydream, simply enjoy time in nature; these will help prevent daily dramas from weighing you down, and it's time in which our thoughts can become very clear. Now is also the time to engage in compassionate action. Many people in the world are scared, hurt, in danger, and full of anger.  Do what you can to help: volunteer your time, donate money, lend your voice in advocacy, send our good energies, talk to people (many people simply need a word of kindness). My final advice is to pay attention to what's going on around you.  Things are in flux right now, and if we don't pay attention, we won't be asked to create change.



  1. Interesting...I often feel waves of energy anxiousness and unwavering have made me stop and re-evalute because it has always been there around me hovering...I will keep my eyes open and I will continue to do what I can to stem the tide of anger and hate.

  2. Great blogpost, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel like many of my friends have been going through serious transformations this year and that there can be "growing pains" for our spiritual awakening.


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