Friday, April 20, 2012

Why I give a s**t

After reading an article about anti-Earth Day elected official who claims it's a Pagan holiday, I got to thinking about how my spiritual/religious tendencies intersect with my social theory/political leanings. Am I concerned about the planet's health because I'm Pagan, or the other way round? After asking myself the same basic question about things like social justice, human rights, and such, I came to a conclusion: I'm Pagan (for lack of a more succinct term other than "witch", which is also problematic) because I am, and I care because I do.

Paganism allows me several things other spiritual/religious paths didn't. It allows me to openly admit to direct contact with the deities I worship; it doesn't deny other ways of knowing or invalidate through dogma other people's views. It allows for change and growth. Other Pagans have their own reasons for their beliefs; they practice in their own way. It has nothing to do with mine, and we only fit under the same umbrella for lack of easily grasped labels that are occasionally needed to create jumping off points for conversations.

I give a damn about the things I do, not because I am Pagan, but because I am me. I cared about them before, growing up on the fringe of Mormonism. I cared about them because my life experiences have made me aware of how connected all things on this little planet are. I try to set a good example for all. I don't rely on others to speak up for me, but I also never forget that not everyone has that option. I act now, because I don't want to leave a scarred and poisoned world to the future. I chose my spiritual path, or it chose me, because it made more complete any empty part of myself. I shape it and it shapes me, but the relationship can never be explained by cause and effect.

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