Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tricksters I know

I've always had a bit of soft spot for Tricksters.  Maybe it's growing up with Loony Tunes (Bugs and Tweety are wonderful examples of Trickster characters), Animaniacs (The Warner Brothers and Sister tended to be accurate reflections of American life and politics at the time), and Bart Simpson (watching bad behavior can be educational, in more ways than one).  It might also have a lot to do with the fact I root for the underdog and hate hypocrisy.  Whatever it is, it influences the way I see the world, and I see them everywhere.

My kids are Tricksters.  They create through destruction; they hold up a mirror that is it at times unflattering, but real.  They challenge and question and push boundaries.They don't do the expected, and their mistakes and miscalculations are opportunities to learn, for all of us.  This affinity they have with Trickster gods makes me love them all the more.

Not long ago, we were driving on levy road between an estuary and fields with cows and sheep. Placidly, the cattle were dozing in the sun.  Sheep, newly sheared, lazily munched on grass.  All of a sudden, a coyote popped up in the middle of a field.  He looked back at me, with his toothy grin, then ran off to make mischief among the cows.

The ravens and blue jays of the area like to watch me in my tiny garden.  Seeds, I plant are often dinner for them They watch, wait, and then steal.  They shove aside pieces of cardboard I try to cover them with, and once they have their prize, they gloat.  Like my kids, they can be charming or frustrating, depending on the mood, but they are never idle and never expected.

Who are the Tricksters of your world?  Are they living, breathing embodiments, or are they mere characters in myths?  Do they make you mad or make you laugh?  Can you see through the chaos and destruction they bring to what springs from it?  Tricksters are reminders of that life doesn't fit into neat categories.  They glorify change and adaptation, and they still have lessons to teach us all. Ignore them at your own peril, because if they decide to take an interest in you, things will get messy. Your control and regiments will be tested, and if necessary, Tricksters will make a fool out of you so that your head doesn't get too big.


  1. I think the biggest trickster in my life is my spouse. He never says what I expect. Sometimes I feel that he'll drive me crazy, but most times I just laugh at his ridiculous sense of humor.

    He definitely keeps life interesting.

    And my list of tricksters would never be complete without my three cats and our puppy. Our house can be a circus.


  2. LOL..I barely made it passed Animaniacs I was so happy someone else remebered them. ^_^ Anyways..I had have to say my Hubby and kids and my cats they are always up to something...hmmm cheeky monkeys. I dont really get mad I tend to find it rather amusing and I'm always nearby to offer some well intended advice or sarcastic comment. ;)

    1. In my house, growing up, the world stopped for Animaniacs. I still love them!

      I'm so amused that you call yours cheeky monkeys, too!


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