Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rapid attitude adjustments

This is my year for rapid attitude adjustments and reality checks, and it's happened again.  Sunday was spent at an impromptu barbecue with friends.  Un-showered, unplanned and unhurried we sat around our friends' home and talked and ate and laughed.  Then we went home, basking in contentment, put the kids in bed and tried to go to sleep.

Our little guy woke up an hour later coughing so hard his lips were getting blue, so he joined us in bed.  The next morning was a scramble to get back into our routine.  My wallet went missing and I got grumpy over all the housework that still isn't done.  I was ranting to my mom, who takes my crises much more personally than she needs to.  as soon as I got off the phone with her, it rang again.

From the moment I picked up the phone, my attitude was twisted around.  The friend I had spent the evening with was telling me that her husband had spent the night at the hospital.  She was talking fast and occasionally lapsing into Spanish, which she only does when she's really agitated.  Her husband was fine, but his friend and employee, who we had just seen the night before, was in the hospital in a coma with multiple skull fractures.

We don't know what happened.  The police are investigating the incident, but this poor man, may have been attacked or hit by a vehicle.  My friend and I have the same horrible fear, though: this case isn't in the local news, the police don't seem to be doing much, and it looks like it's because this man is a Mexican immigrant.

I must say, I don't know him well, especially since he doesn't speak much English and don't speak much Spanish, but I have celebrated holidays with him.  My older son used to follow him around while he was working around our apartment complex, and he always watched out for the kids when they were outside playing.  His son is the same age as my younger son.  He's always been courteous and gentlemanly to me (he even helped look for my little guy when he escaped the house once and wandered off.).

Suddenly, my issues weren't important, again.  So, I'm lighting a candle for him, and his family.  Watching the local news websites for information, and wondering what, if anything can be done.  Amazing, isn't it, how much things can change overnight.

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