Thursday, April 5, 2012

"On the road again,..."

Be glad that I'm not singing (really).  The last couple of days were fun.  My family hopped in the car and went exploring; the San Francisco Bay area is an excellent place to do this.  There is lots of history, small towns with interesting names and claims to fame, and beautiful scenery, all alongside the more well known tourist attractions like San Francisco's Embarcadero and Pier 39 and Monterrey to the south.

Why are you looking at me?
Saying goodbye to the trains and the volunteers.
Wednesday, after my husband's check-up, we blew off the housework and headed out.  It gave an opportunity to see the state of California's levee system, up close and personal (It needs some work, but is also a testament to what public works do for us all), as well as to experience what California will look like if the state's legislature closes state parks (we attempted to visit Brannan Island, but it was closed; all we got to do was use the potty).

Our wanders lead us to the Western Railroad Museum (and a short train ride on a restored train car).  We wandered to places like Shiloh and Bird's Landing (where the devilish little red-winged blackbirds refused to let me take their picture, leading to us stalking them all over the county).  We saw wind farms and communities embracing sustainable practices, ranches of several varieties (even sheep think I'm nuts), and the show the California poppies and wildflowers put on each year.
I chased these things all over the place, and this is the best picture I got.
Today, we left home with a plan to visit a beach (but not Great Beach in San Francisco). We drove into the city (SF), wandered through the maze of neighborhoods that make it unique, and then drove across the Golden Gate to the Marin headlands.

The Golden Gate from Marin.

Bird bath in a gun turret.

Lunch was grocery store sandwiches on a fishing  pier with eight rowdy seagulls for company.  Sticking to the back roads, we visited the old Alexander Battery, once used to protect the California coastline from invaders, and eventually, my husband decided to put Guinevere (the car) throw her paces on the winding road to Muir Beach, where we played in the sand and my nine year old got his clothes soaked (we brought his swimming suit, but it didn't get wet).  We ended up in Point Reyes Station for dinner at a restaurant that serves locally sourced organic food (I had some lovely fettuccine with wild mushrooms, asparagus and caramelized onions).
Once in a pink moon, I allow a picture.
The boys at Muir Beach.
This spring break has been a rather nice, and inexpensive vacation for us.  We've also slipped in history, civics, and science lessons with these trips, as well as spending some much needed time together.  I hope my kids will remember these trips as fondly as I will, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Haven't been to SF in a long time, nice to see the pics. And as someone who took educational type trips with the parents, yes, the kids DO remember and fondly!

    1. I'm glad that these sorts of trips leave an impression. Thanks!

  2. I love San Fransisco. I haven't been in years. It's about the only place you could get me to in California again without serious sedatives and a good lie. Hahaha I HATED California. That sounds like a great trip!

    1. California is not that bad, but SF does have it's own thing going on. ;)

  3. Love it! Also, you should allow pictures more often, you're gorgeous!

    1. You know, I love you 'cause you're so good for my ego.


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