Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Earth Day dream home

Bob the Builder has inspired me.  I must say, only a parent would say something like that, and it makes me feel slightly crazy to admit it.  My four year old loves construction shows- The World's Toughest Fixes, Bob the Builder, How It's Made, Mighty Machines are on a lot.  Normally, I try to tune these shows out, but I have to admit to finding certain episodes of Bob the Builder inspiring.

These episodes focus on green building,a subject that knew very little about. Cob houses, earthbag buildings, earth sheltered homes have all been built by good old Bob.  They got me thinking and researching.  It shifted my dream home from a Victorian or Queen Anne house to something a little more unusual.

Now, I'd love to own an earth sheltered home that we helped to build.  I want good insulation, reclaimed wood floors, a cold cellar, an indoor green house, and a layout that minimizes the the need for plumbing.  Recycled glass tile, a refurbished clawfoot tub, solar panels, and a living roof all sound perfect.  Built in recycle bins and compost storage, grey water recycling, and rain water storage could make our lives less damaging to the planet. It would also put me more intimately against and inside the Earth, rather simply existing on top.

I don't know how to achieve this dream, but Gods, I'm trying and dreaming and researching.  This is my Earth Day dream.  What's yours?

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