Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I've caught baby fever

As you all know, motherhood makes me crazy, yet here I am seriously considering doing it again.  My baby is starting kindergarten in August, and the natural window of opportunity for pregnancy is dwindling.  Now or never, right?

I don't know.  One part of me thinks another kid, especially another boy, might drive me to the loony bin; the other, says I'm tougher than that.  The arguing between these two parts of me has turned into a name calling contest.


  1. I have three kids and if I knew for sure the next would be like them I would hop on the baby train, but then I babysit my nephew and go..UGH..terrible twos, potty, training neediness beyond neediness I dont think I could do it again, but then they laugh or try to dance or learn something and show such excitment over it...makes me wonder. Oh well I guess I was no help at all Im just as confused as you are..LOL

    1. Being confused with me is way better than blindly telling me to go for it. Lol!


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