Monday, April 2, 2012

Cheerfully inappropriate conversations

My best girl friend and I are a bit weird, but that works for us.  Yesterday, after a weekend of fighting with my husband, she rescued me and took me out to have chocolate.  We sat a restaurant talking about naughty husbands and cheerfully discussing our sons' fascination with penises and funny stories about death.

Somewhere during annoying the waiter with our indecisiveness and giggling over topics of conversation we should have saved for home, I started to heal.  The whiskey I drank when I was ticked off hadn't helped.  Crying didn't help, but just being with a friend who has seen rough times with her husband did.

Sisterhood is an amazing, wonderful gift, and escaping from a house filled with a sick man and two wild little boys was even better.  Knowing that my friend cared enough to drop everything for me was fantastic.  The situation hasn't changed, but my stress level has dropped, and now, I can see things without the red haze of anger.

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