Saturday, March 31, 2012

The murky stream and me

San Ramon Creek runs near my son's school and each day, as I walk down to meet him after classes, I cross it.  After the rain this week, it was muddy and murky, as the sediment from farther upstream is swept along towards the canal.  Some of it settles, leaving behind rich new soil and shaping the creek bed.  The rest travels with the rushing water until the silt catchers at the canal stop its flow.  I felt a bit of kinship with that rushing, brown water.

A few days later, now, the creek sparkles with clear water and a cleanliness that only lasts for a few days before the leaves begin to cloud things.  The sun was softly shining through thin clouds.  The birds sang in the trees, and new plants are peeking through the newly laid silt. Again, I felt a connection to this creek.

After tears and bad feelings, difficulties and mislaid plans, the murkiness of my mind is giving way to sparkling clarity.  Things are settling.  The sun is out, and I will try to make the most of this momentary clarity.

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