Thursday, March 1, 2012

Imaginary friends

My sons have very active imaginations.  My older son had a whole imaginary family (a wife and 17 children) when he was little.  The other boy, well, he has a collection of troublemakers named Yaga, Gaga, Laga, and Yellow. Their play is rich in magic and possibility.

Watching them enjoy their imaginary friends and imaginary worlds, I kind of miss my imaginary places and people.  I had unicorns and tea parties, lush gardens (hey, I lived in a desert) and balls with fancy dresses.

It's easy to forget these little pieces of ourselves, but I think it is sad, too.  As we grow, we get less time to dream and imagine and learn, even though our need for these things never diminishes.  How we deal with our urge to create realities does.  I paint, write, and craft as my outlet, but at times, I miss being able to just retreat into my own shifting realities.

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  1. That is so true, How sad that we lose our sense of childlike wonder. I think we should all agree to stop and just find it again.


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