Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fishing, the relaxing and quiet sport (hee, hee)

We went exploring Sunday (even though we should have been cleaning house). We exlpored the older neighborhoods of Martinez (the town were John Muir made is home), checked out the hills of Lafayette, and drove out to San Pablo Dam Resevoir. My husband and kids went fishing, while I sat back and laughed.

Teaching two noisy, impatient little boys to something that requires self control, practice and is best done in silence was frustrating for my husband. He's a novice fisherman, too, and I must admit I wasn't much of a help.  I divided my time between teaching Aiden to cast with his "Go, Diego, Go!" fishing pole and laughing at them all.

Well, I must say, fishing was relaxing for me, because I wasn't doing it. I chatted on thde phone with my mom, took pictures of cranky geese, wrote the beginnings of a couple posts, and generally enjoyed not being in the near vicinity of kids with fishhooks. Relaxing is relative, I guess.


  1. Sounds like relaxing to me. ^_^ I hope you threw in a couple of snide know just for good

    1. Hey! Long time, no see. I got one comment in and paint my husband's bald spot with sunscreen for good measure. Does that count?

    2. sure does. Good Girl! ;)


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