Saturday, March 17, 2012

Everyday Celebrations and Milestones

I've come to dislike my kid's baby books- there is something artificial about recording the appearance of each tooth and the first haircut while ignoring some really important milestones. Other than for general anthrometric comparison, I don't really care when each tooth came in, when they took their first step, or how many people came to their first birthday party.  In the long run, those things don't count much.

Friday, Aiden, my four and half year old son, and I celebrated something big: he had 5 shots, (after hearing several other children his age get theirs and screaming bloody murder forever) and didn't cry or yell or throw a fit. He was scared, but he remained polite, strong and understanding. He set a good example for the other children around him and even thanked the nurse for the stickers. I'm very proud of him. We celebrated with a "car picnic" in the rain. Sitting together, we ate grocery store sushi and toasted with soda pop ("Cheers to big boys!" and "To your bravery!") while the rain poured down around us. it was a wonderful, joyful moment in a week of crap.  It was also one of those moments that make me really appreciate my accomplishments as a mother and their accomplishments as they create themselves.

Life, especially life with children, is full of milestones and opportunities to celebrate the things that really make us who we are. If we (as a society) spent more time celebrating thoughtfulness, bravery ( the sort that helps us lead by example or stand up for what's right, even when it's not popular), and perseverance, we could stop a lot of worry and fear.  Moments of celebration don't have to be conventional or grand, they can simply be those moments when we can accept who we are, who we're with and what's really going on around us.

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  1. Great post! My youngest never had a problem with getting shots either. He is now nearly 16 (and a handful) but all that aside he can get several dental fillings, top and bottom at one time with no complaint.

    I agree, a lot of the very special moments just aren't prompted in the baby books - then again, there's no way they could know what cool things each child will come up with.


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