Friday, March 30, 2012

Disposable people

From arguments against universal healthcare to environmental regulation to labor law, it seems that we, as human beings, are now considered disposable commodities to be used and thrown away when no longer shiny and new.  If you're poor you don't deserve health.  You aren't entitled to clean air, safe water or food that won't kill you, and Gods forbid, that you expect a reasonable wage and working conditions in exchange for your labor.

Human kind won't make it much longer if we don't pull our collective head out our collective backside.  Humans, as amazingly adaptable as we can be, are also very fragile. Our bodies break, deform and become diseased very easily.  Our minds and our souls are even more fragile.  We are also social animals, we do not survive completely alone; through out human history, the group has allowed us to survive, to flourish, to innovate and to evolve.  Without it we are easily overwhelmed by nature.

How do we combat a societal mentality that has allowed everything to be bought and sold, to be used and discarded, and to be hoarded rather circulated?  What would the revolution look like if people of the world declared that humans are part of nature, that we share, equally with all other beings on the planet, that each of us is a precious and irreplaceable part of world?

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