Friday, March 16, 2012

Bad Kitty

I am a Leo. I'm not always the most typical Leo, but I do have a distinctly feline streak to my personality, especially when I'm PMSing or grouchy. Call her Bad Kitty, my husband does. She is one of those pieces of my personality that I love and loathe at the same time.

She is prone to stalking birdies, hissing when she wants to be left alone, and playing swat with the little Leo of the house. Bad Kitty is also a bit antisocial and wants a good nap and some sushi.  She can be annoying when she wants attention and fun when she's wound up.

Bad Kitty is one of my most frustrating personality components to deal with.  She is sometimes full of bad behavior, she enjoys annoying people, and she is pushes boundaries; but she is also effective.  Some of my best rants have come when she is out and about in my life.  My husband and children also love to wind me up and watch me go when I'm in this mood.  Bad Kitty makes it easy to ignore other people's opinions and she doesn't take crap without baring her fangs and using her claws.  I'd try to get rid of her, but I like her an awful lot.

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