Thursday, March 8, 2012

Amazing women making change

It's International Women's Day!  It's too little acknowledged, but vitally important that women be included in decision making and history.  I thought I would share some names and links about important work being done by women in many different fields.

I took a Women's Studies lecture seminar my last year of college.  The topics ranged from cissexual privilege (here) to femicide (let me tell you, Gertrudis Monzon's work on femicide in Guatemala is moving art exhibit) to gender archaeology (Barbara Voss is amazing) to testimonio literature from South America (Kitty Millet teaches at Jewish Studies at SFSU and writes about the intersection of testimonio and Holocaust survivor testimony).  It was an eye opening experience to hear these women speak about their work.  Art, music, social justice, race, science, and even psychology were all represented.  While I didn't always agree with their views or their method for communicating with the world, I had to admire the incredible variety of experiences women all over the world, through out time have faced.  From feminists like Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (here) to Vandana Shiva's work on biopiracy (here), women are out in the world standing up for themselves, their families, and humankind.

Who challenges your assumptions, forces you out of your comfort zone and gets you off your butt?  For me, the list has gotten pretty long.  It starts with my adviser at a community college (who started every semester with a map quiz to give us some reference about what was going on and reminded us to vote) and the most current additions are the mothers of Zach Wahls (here) and Moms Rising and Sandra Fluke.  Celebrate the amazing women in your life today and their accomplishments!

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