Friday, February 17, 2012

What brought you here?

Do you ever look at your spiritual journey and reflect on how you got to the place you are?  Recently, it occurred to me, that I have taken a rather interesting road to this place.  People, who probably never had any clue that they were influencing my spirituality, have really changed my views about what can be part of our spiritual path.

From recurrent dreams of my death in another life as a child to the Sunday school speech I gave at church when I was 8 to coursework in anthropological thought, I have reached this place with a lot of help.  Sometimes, my journey was guided by an individual who held up a mirror, so that I could see myself more clearly.  Other people, gave me scars.  I have had the blessing of mentors who have believed in my potential, and I have challengers who taught me about limitations.  Casual conversations with near strangers have yielded life lessons, and every fight I have been involved in has taught me something.  There are the people who see my beauty when I am blind to it, and of course, there are all of you who read the tales I tell.  A secret waterfall lost to fire and the wonder of touching long lost things of great age have provided me with moments to ponder and hold onto.

In this moment, I am full of gratitude for many experiences that brought me here.  I am still a work in progress, but I can look back on the process of creation, and see that I am still evolving.

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