Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day.  Not the religious or historical aspects, but the trumped up, commercialized idea of romance.

My husband typically gets me Valentine's gifts, partially because he likes to get me things and partially because Valentine's is easier on the budget than the winter holidays.  This year, I have my early present, a bottle of rose syrup for drinks that he remembered I mentioned wanting to try (a huge feat for a guy who can barely remember his own birth date), and the unopened mystery package sitting next to me as I write.  Whatever it is is, I'm sure it's sweet.

On the other hand, I hate that people forget to be romantic or show their loved ones some attention if there isn't a holiday to remind them.  Romance isn't everyday, but it should come up more than once a year.

So, Happy Valentine's Day, but try to remember to spread the romance around a bit.  It'll make your relationship and your days rosier.

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