Monday, February 13, 2012


Swearing like a sailor is a bit of a family tradition.  My great grandmother did it as soon as she was baptized.  My parents did it.  I do it (I really should cut down, but it is very satisfying sometimes to let loose).  It's not really any surprise that my kids know a few uncouth words. A week ago, or so, my four year old got mad at his brother while we were leaving the school.  He turned away and said "Damn it!"  My response was a mild rebuke not to swear, and he ran off.  Other mothers were scandalized, but I just shrugged.  If that is the extent of the boys bad habits, I'll take it.  Whispering and dirty looks aimed my way commenced from a group of women who I take issue with on a regular basis.

These women will condemn me for swear words, but will let their 4th graders play video games featuring illegal war crimes.  These are the same mothers who didn't understand why the principal had to step in when kids were pretending to kill their classmates via firing squad on the playground.  These are the parents who looked the other way when a disabled girl was pushed out our school and into another, but will raise a fuss about their child being sent home from school with pink eye because it's inconvenient for them.  They bemoan the district's funding of character education programs and ESL classes.

I may not be a perfect person (and I will never claim to be in any way other than tongue-in-cheek), and I certainly am not the best parent, but I refuse to be judged for something so harmless as swearing from my kids.  I am proud that they express themselves (even when I don't like how they are saying things).  I am proud of their compassion and curiosity (my older son is always there ot help someone up or ask how they feel when they come back to class after being sick, and both boys enjoy learning from many different people).  I am proud of their integrity (even I can't push them around).  A few "naughty" words really don't bother me, especially when they are not directed at hurting anyone, but relieve frustration.


  1. Here come s along one!! A-Fucking-MEN SISTER!! heehee had to throw it in there!

    The whole idea of words being bad just because they exist is STUPID!!! I have FOUL mouth, comes with the territory when you spend your whole life in the military (as a family member of some sort). In honesty I could care less if my kids say a "bad word" as long as it isn't disrespectful. We already have rules for that so no need to throw in extras for fun. I have enough shit to remember day to day!

    However, that being said we have one rule when it comes to being out in public: Never do ANYTHING that will make another adult call mommy and complain, even if you think you won't get caught.

    Because of this rule I have had to "ban" cussing in our house so that there are no accidental slip ups outside our house. However, if we hear the little one say "SHIT!" when he drops his food or something we all have a laugh about it and move on with our day. There is no real punishment for saying it in the house other than just a quick "Hey! Be careful!"

    1. I agree Sandi! I find it humorous to remind people that what qualifies as a swear word varies from pace to place and time to time.

  2. I used to curse really bad, and it was reflected in my blogs. I felt it was unprofessional, so I made the conscious effort to not curse as much. Which I don't, in my blogs. I'm pretty good with not cursing around family. Mom still gives me dirty looks--excessive cursing is seen as unintelligent, and I can see that. So I worked on it. But when we have children, let's be honest, I got my sailor talk from my dad--the first word I spelled was a curse and I didn't even realize it. They were hypocrites with us, one of those, "Where'd you learn that from?"

    At least with my mom, we got freebees. One. With her, some words, like Shit and Damn were allowed at 16. Just not at school. I thought that was reasonable.

    I'll use discretion when it comes to their age and the creative world of cursing. Honestly, I don't think that Damn, Shit, or Hell are that bad of words. We were allowed to say Hell, because it's a place (Hell, Michigan). Damn was okay. Shit was one of those slip ups, as it was said, in Frustration, or an injury.

    1. Witchfire, I never ask where my kids learn a swear word, as I am aware that most of them come from me. I try to keep the swearing to a minimum, but I don't worry too much about it. There are too many other problems in life to care about that one. Thanks for the comment!


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