Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Waking up Monday morning, I did my habitual check of the phone (my smartphone has become both a phenominal time-wasting toy and a my supplementary brain).  Take a look at the overnight emails to make sure nothing pressing needs taken care. Peak at Facebook, quicker than checking the news most days, and let the blood flow back to my feet.  The news included, Rick Santorum's latest stupid and hate filled verbal vomit, Japanese garbage heading for California, and the Pantheocon brouhaha(s).

It all made me think of splinters from a tree that has been forced to bear too much weight, without adequate nutrition and in a cruel climate.  It may, for a time bear up to all of these, struggling to survive, defying the challenges it faces, but if it receives no nourishment, no shelter, one day the weight becomes too much and it begins to splinter.  The splinters will continue to appear if the weight is not lifted and the tree is not cared for.  One day, a stiff wind or a bit of debris will bring the poor tree to the ground, all because the splinters separate rather bond.

I feel like we are like that.  People are splintering into ever increasing numbers of factions, and factions within factions, and that rather advancing any sort of common good, we are all pushing to be alone- splinters of a once brilliant idea.  If we could search for common ground, embrace the idea that the Earth and all of it's beings are part of the whole, maybe we could mend things.  We could be stronger and more beautiful if only we acknowledged that homogeneity is unnatural, diversity (in communities or ecosystems) is healthy, and that every single part of life on this planet (and really, I would assume throughout the Universe) is affected by and effecting everything else.  

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