Sunday, February 12, 2012

New skills- a lesson about assuming

My stepdad taught me many skills growing up (how to develop film, the theory behind color mixing, how to tie a fly for fishing, and how to drive), but there are some things he neglected like, how to change a tire and use a drill.  My husband does pretty all the assembling, building and car maintenance; the other day, I got mad at him for taking over a task when I asked a question rather showing me how.

He was surprised.  Then, switching gears, he began to show me how to properly use his drill.It never occurred to him that I ask him to take care of things like assembling furniture or hanging shelves because I didn't know how.  I never realized he didn't know I was lacking the skills.  He thought I asked him to do things like this because I don't like to do them.

This all serves as an important reminder about assumptions: they're frequently wrong. Next time I get irritated at my husband for something like this, I'm going to try to remember that we might both be operating under mistaken assumptions, before I get mad.

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