Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Material culture

Material culture is the physical manifestations of culture. it's what we leave behind for future generations to know us by.  Moving has put me face to face with my own artifacts, and it's not a pretty picture.

Everything we own is now here in the new place, but it's everywhere. Nothing makes sense and only a few items have found homes.  Looking at it all, I feel a bit ashamed.  There is a lot of unnecessary stuff in my life.  I've saved things long past the point of usefulness.

Now, as I try to put everything away, I am confronted with my past in  an undeniable and graphic fashion.  I guess it's time for some physical, spiritual and mental housecleaning, so that I can redefine myself in terms of my material possessions.


  1. Would have been easier to throw all the junk away before moving... but yeah, I forget that every time I move as well. ^^

    1. Not only did things not get tossed before the move, we found all sorts of stuff that we had forgotten had ever been in our lives. On the upside, we found a whole lot of alcohol we'd forgotten about, so maybe we'll throw a party.


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