Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If dreams say what they mean, then I'm worried about myself

I have been having bizarre dreams about dinosaurs.  I'd like to tell you that this is unusual, but It's not.  Ever since the summer my step-sister and I went to see Jurassic Park everyday at the dollar theater to drool over Jeff Goldblum, I've had weird dreams about T. rex looking in my windows.  Just a big, green eye looking in my window.

Recently, the dreams have become more interesting.  In my head, dinosaurs have some weird parenting practices and they like my mom's horrible Chinese fungus tea.  Also, I am a very nice squeaky toy for baby Tyrannosaurs. Weird as these dreams are, I'm trying to figure out what I'm trying to communicate to myself.  So far, I've got:

  • Stop watching dinosaur documentaries, especially ones that anthropomorphise ancient creatures,
  • Don't try to outrun a dinosaur,
  • and, Mom's weird fungus tea diet, from 20 years ago, still creeps me out.
Other than those things, I haven't figured out what they giant watching eye means, or why I let a dinosaur chew on my arm.  I also can't figure out the significance of dropping baby dinosaurs into jars (the mommas were doing it, not me).  The location of the dream I understand; it was the house I spent most of childhood in. The link to the past, one I can't return to in way, is clear, but the rest of it eludes explanation.

Do you try to analyze your dreams?  Does it work, or do you, like me, begin to fear for your sanity?  Some dreams make sense in a literal way. Others are fascinating metaphors, but there are some, that make me wonder if maybe, the inside of my head looks like uncooked scrabbled eggs.

“Dreams say what they mean, but they don't say it in daytime language” -Gail Godwin


  1. Wow, what an interesting set of dreams. I don't analyze mine because I don't remember them, but you are the second person I know to have recurring dinosaur dreams.

    1. I've never met anyone who dreamed of dinosaurs even once, much less recurring ones. it makes me feel infinitely less nuts to know that somebody else does, too.

      Remembering dreams is like training your brain for anything else, it requires practice.

  2. You dreams sound fascinating. I do analyze my dreams, but most of the time I am just running around searching for a clean bathroom that I desperatly need to use..LOL I think the meaning is clear cuz I usually finding myself stumbling in the dark to the closest bathroom. Though sometimes I dream about my teeth falling out or about fields covered in snakes and when that happens I do wonder about my sanity..and if it makes you feel better I occasionally dream about being chased by velociraptors...*shivers*...I hate those. Maybe your dream is just a dream..albeit a very interesting one. ^_^

  3. Well, no expert, but first impressions:

    The watching Eye
    1. If the eye seems nonthreatening, perhaps the Universe is watching out for you (or warning you). If you accept the concept of a deity, perhaps one of the Old Ones?
    2. If the eye seems threatening, perhaps someone from your past is jealous of you, or means to intimidate you.

    The dinosaur chewing on your arm apparently with your permission
    1. Consumed by anxiety?
    2. Borrowing trouble?
    3. Continously gnawing (no pun, really)on events of the past and not letting them go?
    4. Health problems? Change your diet. Eat less meat. If vegetarian, maybe someone in the family wants to try meat?

    Momma dinosaurs dropping baby dinosaurs into jars
    1. If the jars are the same, being forced--or having been forced--to fit social norms (a reflection of traditional expectations for children?).
    2. Feeling trapped by your own parents' expectations.
    3. Feeling trapped by society's expectations.
    4. Feeling trapped by familial obligations (especially if an unresolved conflict from the past exists)?
    5. If each jar is different, allowing each child to grow to fit their individual mold and be unique.
    6. Over-protective.

    Or I could be whistling "Dixie" here, and those uber-rich snacks before bedtime are really taking a toll on you :)

    I dust my dinosaur bones every other week. Literally. They're in the bookcase.

    My dreams usually involve angry villagers with torches and pitchforks chasing me in my large black hat with yards and yards of tule streaming back from it, through the countryside and into a cave. Nothing else, though--just the hat with yards of tule.

    Or cows stepping through the bedroom window. Go figure THAT one out!

  4. Gaia, I have to say some your interpretations could be spot on. The cows in the bedroom would be revenge if I were dreaming (I used to chase them with a swather on my aunt's cattle ranch when I was cutting hay as a kid.)


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