Monday, February 6, 2012

Driving myself crazy and sharing

I don't really like to drive.  Learning to drive was for my parent's convience more than mine, and even now, when I get behind the wheel, it's almost always to do chores.  It makes me nervous to drive around and try to keep track of so many variables.

Thursday, driving was a bit more interesting.  It was one of those days when all the bad drivers are out and in a hurry.  People making illegal U-turns (that they couldn't actually make) after illegally dropping their kid off for school in a clearly marked "No Stopping" zone with both directions of traffic coming at them at over 40 MPH.  The lady who followed me for 1/2 mile honking because I was obeying traffic laws.  People driving the wrong way on one way streets.  I was cranky about all of this until my mom and husband suggested I just given in to my inner trickster and turn the tables.

Next time somebody wants to honk at me for no good reason, I'm going to tap out "Twinkle, Twinkle" on my horn (for such a stately vehicle, my Jaguar's horn is more like bicycle horn) or smile and wave.  Maybe it will teach people not to be such asses without flipping them off.

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